Frequently Asked Questions



Q.  Should I sign a wedding contract?
A.  Yes.  It protects both parties and by signing a
       contract you know exactly what  services you
       are getting and also stipulates time date and

       place of event.about you.​

Q. Can I have my wedding trial on a saturday?

A. Due to the many weddings I am booked for, I cannot do weddding trials   on saturdays or sundays.  Trials are to be booked Mon-Thurs.     

Q. Do you have public liablility Insurance?

A. YES.  any reputable business should and will have 

     public liablitlity insurance.

Q. Do you have an ABN?

A. YES I am a registered business and my ABN number is 

      62 766 003 091


Q. Do I need a makeup artist?

A.  *Everyone has a completely different budget when it comes to their wedding, so please consider a few things when planning your day.

If you are only budgeting $500 for a photographer, rather than the average $5000 for a photographer, then you cannot expect the results from a $5000 photographer, so make sure to spend the money in the areas that MATTER TO YOU!

If you are like most brides and only want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, remember your makeup artist plays a major role in how you will look on your big day.

The QUALITY of makeup artists varies greatly – so this will be reflected in their pricing. You have people who are just beginning, more experienced artists, and the people who are the very best in the industry, who will obviously charge at a higher rate. Basically, you get what you pay for. For example:

Graduate artists: **$60-$75pp - this is a base rate, and anything cheaper than this is seriously undercutting and potentially causing damage to the entire industry; if your makeup artist is charging below this amount I would be asking some questions as to what products they are using?  Are they qualified? Do they follow strict hygiene guidelines etc. Do they have insurance?

Experienced artists: **$85-$100pp- these artists usually have a minimum of 3 years in the industry, should be covered for public liability, have some experience working with different skin types, colours and age groups.

Well sought after industry professionals: **$120-$300+pp – and in some cases upward of $1000pp for some celebrity artists.- these artists have 10+ years’ experience (mostly 15 or more), run a business, have an ABN, have public liability, offer contracts, have a lot of experience working with different skin types, colours and age groups, practice safe hygiene, know their products 100%, have fabulous testimonials, work regularly on photoshoots, get most of their work by word of mouth.

I understand that not everyone can see the art in makeup artistry – and it “all looks the same”, but trust me, the quality of work varies significantly!

If the makeup side of your wedding really is not important to you and you really cannot determine the difference between a good makeup artist and an AWESOME makeup artist, or, the quality of makeup, then yes, definitely go for your budget end makeup artist!

However, if you are very particular, and only want to look the very best for your event AND your photos, then please do remember that good quality makeup artists, come at a price – they’re not just “trying to rip you off”, they’re providing a high end service.

At the end of the day, this isn’t a hobby for most, it is their job, their income, their business. 

** prices are to be used as a guide only.  Prices vary in country areas and interstate

* Most information obtained from Nikita Pere MUA's blog

Q.   When should I have a make-up trial?

A.   2-4  months before your wedding preferably

Tip: Book early as bookings can be up to 12 months  in advance.


Q.   Should I start a beauty regime?

A.   Yes at least 2 - 3 months before as this  will           
        ensure your skin will be looking great.

Tip: Cleanse, tone and moisturise daily,  exfoliate once a week, facial mask every 1-2 weeks.

Q.   Do I need any beauty product with me on 
       the day of the wedding? 
A.   Yes , lipstick, gloss, powder.   (I can  provide 
        these if  required for a small fee)

Tip: Increase water intake, this will keep your skin hydrated and reduce flaking. Start to apply lip balm every day this will keep your lips supple.

Q. What can i do to reduce facial hair?

A.    There are a variety of things you can try
         such as threading, waxing, tweezing, hair
         removal  creams.

Tip: Avoid waxing on the day as this can leave redness and makeup will not adhere to waxed skin.  Have this done 1 week -  4 days prior to your trial or day of event. Most people always do their eyebrows but don’t forget to also do your upper lip and chin if necessary.

Q.    How can I make my eyes stand out more?

A.     Simply have your lashes tinted or have
         eyelash extensions.  This will help
          intensify your eyes.

Look on my "Links" page for  beauty therapists who can tint your lashes and brows, provide waxing and facials etc. and offer eyelash extensions.

Q.    I am thinking of having a tan for my
        wedding.  Will that  effect my trial?
A.   Please ensure you have your tan for your trial
       as well.  This  ensures your makeup on the
       day will be exactly as it is on the day of your




 I. If you decide not to participate in a pre wedding trial, I will not be held responsible or liable in anyway, if you are dissatisfied with any part of my service on, or after your wedding date. The wedding day is not the day to decide what colour lipstick you should wear!

2. Any makeup trial exceeding 2 hours will be charged at an extra hourly rate as per the price of the trial.
3. Any hair and makeup trial exceeding 2.5 hours will be charged at an extra hourly rate as per price of the trial.

4. Bookings for trials will not be held unless a non-refundable deposit is paid prior to the trial.
5. Any parking associated costs for the Makeup Artist/Stylist will be charged to the bride.
6. Contract for makeup services for your wedding are to be filled out and signed on the day of your trial or emailed to Vikki Aldridge within 7 days.

7. The date for your wedding will not be held until deposit for your wedding has been paid.
8. The Makeup Artist at your trial will also attend to you and your party on your wedding day. In the unlikely event that the Makeup Artist is severely ill or is unable to attend due to serious unforeseen circumstances a replacement Makeup Artist will be provided. All face maps and information from the trial will be passed over to the replacement Makeup Artist.
9. In the case of large wedding parties Vikki Aldridge will employ assistance from another Makeup Artist. Extra fees will apply.
10. Vikki Aldridge has the right to cancel your booking after a trial and refund the deposit in the unlikely event the client has unrealistic expectations and/or is un-reasonable or rude, providing that we have exhausted all remedies and have done our professional best to accommodate the client.

11. Your pre-wedding trial is for wedding trial only.  If you would like makeup for your hen’s night or a special occasion, then you will need to book for that service.  As you can appreciate, makeup for your wedding is different to makeup for a special occasion or your hen’s night. If you would like makeup for your hen's night/event that can be included into your package.
*Non-refundable Deposit for Cancellations
1. 72 hours notice must be given prior to any rescheduling or cancellation of trials, otherwise you will be charged a full cancellation fee equal to the cost of the trial.
2. Cancellation fee for Makeup Artist booked for trial covers loss of income caused by the cancellation.
3. A (non-refundable) booking deposit of 50% must be paid to secure your wedding  date. 

4. A (non-refundable) booking of 100% must be paid to secure your trial.